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Our Board

Our Board of Directors is committed to driving our Mission. The elected Leadership Team (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Parliamentarian), and the Executive Committee make up AAREP DC’s leadership.

Our Board is made up of seasoned real estate professionals with an extensive understanding of commercial real estate who share their skills, contacts, and expertise in order to further the mission of AAREP DC and to collectively help the next generation of real estate experts.

As the founding chapter, we are now part of a nationwide network of AAREP chapters in Los Angeles, Dallas, Oakland, Philadelphia, Atlanta, as well as other major locations around the US, which were established as a result of the success of AAREP DC.

AAREP DC’s priority is to set our members up for success. Our professional networking organization provides knowledge and resources to empower Black commercial real estate professionals in Washington, D.C. through a combination of roundtable discussions, guest speakers, and outreach, we provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

The desire to change the physical environment unites many of our commercial real estate professionals, many of whom are pioneers and giants in their respective industries.

Our unique perspectives and passion for being successful in the commercial real estate field allow us to better understand our clients’ varied needs—and master the skills to serve them in an authentic, knowledgeable, and innovative way.

AAREP DC Officers

Heather Wellington
Corey Powell
Vice President & Treasurer
Cory Jones Jr.

AAREP 2024 Board Members