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Connecting & Developing
Black Commercial Real
Estate Professionals

About Us

At African American Real Estate Professionals of Washington, D.C. (AAREP DC), our primary method of networking is rooted in an idea that values guidance and encouragement for learning and career advancement. For over 25 years, we have played a leading role in creating a supportive network for Black commercial real estate professionals.

AAREP DC’s mission statement, “Facilitating economic empowerment and parity through real estate,” sets the tone for the organization’s programs and activities and challenges each member to do their part to ensure the continued success of the organization and ecosystem of black real estate professionals in DC.

AAREP DC is crucial because it educates members on the state of the industry and teaches them how to support one another by forming connections. The organization brings together like-minded real estate professionals through networking and professional development to give them the tools they need to navigate and manage their careers and businesses.

Our business networking and professional development initiatives are purposefully designed to support black commercial real estate professionals. AAREP DC has become known in the Washington, D.C. real estate community as a highly successful professional association, known for both the breadth of its membership and the success of the programs and activities undertaken by the group. It also has a broader scope as a talent pool for diversity in the commercial real estate industry.

AAREP DC reinforces the core values and leadership tenets necessary for success in the real estate field. Our supportive environment places a strong emphasis on networking and helps our members improve by learning from and teaching one another about the commercial real estate industry.

We believe that anyone who wants to follow in the footsteps of someone else should be able to benefit from their knowledge. Members of AAREP DC come from a variety of backgrounds and occupations, all sharing a passion for commercial real estate.

Mentorship and professional development are essential not just for growing your career and making the most of your resources, but also for educating future generations about the various opportunities, career paths and equity participation available in the commercial real estate market. We assist Black commercial real estate professionals in becoming catalysts to drive success in their respective professions.