About Us

For over two decades, African American Real Estate Professionals DC Chapter (AAREP DC) has been a driving force in providing a supportive network for African Americans working in the commercial real estate industry. Founded as a small group in Washington, D.C. in 1995, this network has grown into a full-fledged professional association with an extended reach of over 1500 individuals.

AAREP DC’s mission statement, “To facilitate economic parity through real estate,” sets the tone for the organization’s programs and activities, and challenges each member to do their part to ensure the continued success of the organization. AAREP DC embraces representation from every major discipline in the industry – from site selection and acquisition to commercial leasing and property management.

With a broader scope as a talent pool for diversity in the commercial real estate industry, AAREP DC has gained recognition throughout the Washington real estate community as a highly successful professional association, known for both the depth of its membership and the success of the programs and activities undertaken by the group. Programs and activities include evening programs featuring speakers addressing current industry topics, an entrepreneurship center to support the growing needs of African American entrepreneurs in the business, and a star-studded annual awards gala.

AAREP DC’s leadership consists of an Executive Committee, which includes the elected officers of the organization (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer), the appointed chair and co-chair persons of the current standing committees, and the Immediate Past President. In 2011, an advisory board was implemented. The success of AAREP DC has led to the formation of a national organization with six additional chapters in Baltimore, Boston, New York, and North Carolina, and other metropolitan areas on the horizon.

To lead in the intellectual, professional and economic development of African American commercial real estate professionals.