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Building Controls Specialist

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Act as system owner to manage and oversee all aspects of campus building automation systems including administering system users and overseeing vendors with access to BAS.
Create and implement a BAS documentation program to include formal change management, as-built drawing updates, network architecture, and sequences of operations.
Provide recommendations and suggest improvement methods for permanent system fixes to prevent deficient conditions.
Identify, recommend, and implement changes to the BAS throughout the campus to improve system capacity utilization and energy efficiency.
Oversee OEM vendor site visits and meet with teams to gather data to develop more efficient control strategies/sequences. Provide recommended scope of work and assist in implementing approved system changes.
Provide hands on repairs to systems and train and coach team members in various aspects of BAS operation, repair, and system maintenance.
Develop a critical spare parts inventory for the system and end devices.
Perform various quality control checks on BAS updates performed by internal teams and external contractors; provide root cause analysis and make recommendations to remedy issues, make repairs, conduct inspections and oversee BAS vendor contract tasks to improve systems operations.
Implement the BAS Improvement Plan as approved by Jones Lang LaSalle and client leadership.
Develop and oversee a calibration program for instrumentation, BAS, Life Safety and other critical devices as identified by the Calibration Program.
Participate in project design reviews and project commissioning planning as this relates to the BAS.
Review, pre-approve and post-approve all commissioning documentation for system additions, modifications and retrofits.
Where appropriate, perform system commissioning work.
Perform thorough and detailed existing system re-commissioning throughout the campus as required, utilizing sound commissioning practices.
Assist project manager and consultants in testing development, system retrofits and additions, and system operational review.
Review system condition assessments and develop recommendations for system component.
Oversee major maintenance projects for BAS and associated systems and review and develop scopes for vendor contract renewals.

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