Testimonial: Carisa Stanley

Carisa Stanley

Carisa Stanley
President, AAREP DC
First Vice President Commercial Real Estate, Amalgamated Bank

As President of AAREP, I often hear wonderful success stories of how members and stakeholders have benefited from the organization. From introductions to closed deals, the value of AAREP’s network is priceless to our existing membership and any real estate professional interested in expanding business opportunities for themselves and their respective organizations.

Over the years, I personally have increased my business and made some key connections that have served me well. Most recently, I had the pleasure of doing business with Marie Claire Ntam of MG Residential and the Menkiti Group and Tessa Edison with Answer Title, both dynamic professionals and committed AAREP members.

Real estate transactions can be complicated, riddled with hurdles and anxiety filled, right up to the settlement table. Professionals who are dedicated to service, proactive with communication and willing to collaborate on solutions that best serve the customer should be celebrated.

Thank you to Tessa Edison, Answer Title and Marie Claire Ntam, MG Residential and Menkiti Group for making my transaction as smooth as possible!

Tessa Edison

Tessa Edison
Vice President, AAREP
DC VP of Operations Business Development Answer Title

Marie Claire Ntam
Realtor, MG Residential and Menkiti Group
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