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Transaction Manager

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What this job involves: We are currently looking for a Transaction Manager to join our client-dedicated account team in Washington, DC.

What your day-to-day will look like:

Manage transactions for a national strategic client.
Provide advice on client transactions.
Attend regular meetings and conference calls.
Identify opportunities to improve client transaction management processes.
Work directly with client and team members to resolve transaction and landlord issues.
Actively manage detailed notes and records for each transaction
Manage co-brokers for selected lease transactions as required.
Review and prepare lease documents, lease summaries, abstracts, and other materials.
Gather and evaluate real estate market and property data.
Research companies and landlords.
Prepare commission invoices and track transactions in proprietary software programs.
Desired or preferred experience and technical skills:

Strong transaction management experience, preferably in a national strategic client context.
Excellent advisory skills with the ability to provide valuable insights and recommendations on client transactions.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to actively participate and contribute to meetings and conference calls.
Strong problem-solving skills with the ability to identify opportunities for improvement in client transaction management processes.
Proven ability to effectively collaborate with clients and team members to resolve transaction and landlord issues.
Exceptional organizational skills with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring accurate and up-to-date notes and records for each transaction.
Experience in managing co-brokers for lease transactions as needed.
Proficiency in reviewing and preparing lease documents, lease summaries, abstracts, and related materials.
Ability to gather and evaluate real estate market and property data and conduct thorough research on companies and landlords.
Familiarity with proprietary software programs for commission invoicing and transaction tracking.
Required Skills and Experience:

A 4-year college degree.
5+ years of commercial real estate transaction/leasing experience.
Real estate salespersons or brokerage license.
Knowledge of real estate leases and negotiations.
Excellent verbal and written communication.
An organized and methodical approach to manage large portfolio of transactions.
Ability to work independently and within a team to build relationships and interact effectively with business partners and clients.
Ability to master client processes and prioritize phone conversations with transaction stakeholders.
Ability to multi-task, work successfully under pressure, effectively prioritize, and manage time and workload.
Understanding of and commitment to client services.
Willingness to take on new challenges, responsibilities, and assignments.
A desire to work within a diverse, collaborative, and driven professional environment.
Location:  On-site –Washington, DC

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