2017 AAREP Legislative Policy Platform


AAREP DC is a voice for African American real estate professionals in Washington, DC, promoting ideas, initiatives and policies that facilitate intellectual, professional and economic development for our membership and community. AAREP DC reaches more than 1,500 companies and individuals that conduct business in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our members and supporters include real estate developers, real estate brokers, general contractors, service providers, attorneys, consultants, financiers, municipal agencies and community and business improvement districts, the majority of which have at least 10 employees and gross revenues in excess of $2 million annually.

AAREP DC hereby adopts the following Strategic Principles for the purpose of advancing the interest of its membership.


Principle #1: Ensure the District of Columbia sustains an up to date infrastructure that keeps our businesses and communities thriving.

Policy Statement #1: AAREP supports greater public funding to improve local infrastructure.

Policy Statement #2: AAREP supports funding WMATA and DDOT to provide reliable and affordable transportation options for DC residents and businesses.

Principle #2: Ensure Housing Opportunity and Choice

Policy Statement #1: AAREP supports an affordable and diversified housing stock that allows middle and low income residents to live near their place of employment. AAREP also supports incentives that encourage businesses to locate in the District.

Policy Statement #2: AAREP supports equitable Transit Oriented Development that promotes affordable and workforce housing options near public transportation nodes, increasing ridership and improving quality of life.

Policy Statement #3: AAREP supports federal tax incentives and government supported affordable housing and community development programs, including the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), Historic Tax Credit and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

Principle #3: Expand Local Business Opportunities and Strengthen Small Business Capacity

Policy Statement #1: AAREP supports a significant increase in the number of government contracts awarded to DC-based, minority-owned businesses.

Policy Statement #2: AAREP supports reforming DC government’s CBE program to emphasize greater minority and women-owned business participation, increasing their pipeline of business.

Policy Statement #3: AAREP supports improving the pathway for inclusion in real estate, including the promotion of diverse and qualified candidates in DC government.

Principal #4: Support Responsible Land Use and Equitable Development

Policy Statement #1: AAREP supports responsible and inclusive zoning and comprehensive planning, ensuring the local community grows and develops in a way that adds value and improves the quality of life for all residents and businesses.



Together We March Forward.