President’s Message – April 2018

We concluded the first quarter of 2018 and are excited to share a few announcements that will help us continue to represent and advocate for our members and supporters:

  • We hosted our Annual Meeting and Membership Drive in February 2018.  During our Annual Meeting, we set the agenda for the year, shared our proposed goals and solicited valuable feedback from members to help shape our 2018 initiatives.  This year’s meeting was a success and we hope to receive your continued input and support.  
  • We welcomed Smoot Construction, Banneker Ventures and the District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency as 2018 Corporate Sponsors!  We are excited to have the formal support of these three industry leaders and look forward to partnering with them throughout the year.  Please visit their respective organizational websites for more information on their good work in the industry and our community.  
  • We released our 2018 Calendar of Events.  Each of our planned events is targeted to enhance the intellectual, professional and economic development of our members.  Click here for the Calendar of Events and stay tuned for additional information.

Membership is key for maximum benefit.  AAREP’s cornerstone is supporting connections, strengthening relationships and sharing knowledge that allows its members to close deals! 
You want to be a part of what we are doing in 2018.
Together, We March Forward!
Carisa Stanley
AAREP President